August 24th with Rebellious Unicorns!

Voices Unheard: Alyssa Sundstrom

August 25 • 7:00pm

On this episode of Voices Unheard, Jessica Samuels is joined by Alyssa Sundstrom (she/her/hers). Alyssa is a 16-yr old Okanagan Indigenous female who was diagnosed with a very rare but serious illness called Behcet's Disease when she was 18 months old. Behcet's Disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation throughout the body; the disease can lead to numerous symptoms including mouth sores, eye inflammation, skin rashes and lesions, along with other ailments. Her illness also caused painful Juvenile Arthritis in 4 sets of her joints. Alyssa’s wish is to discuss how she’s experienced a very different world than most others while overcoming many challenges, and hopes to bring awareness to what Behcet's Disease is and the battles people of all ages fight.

Voices Unheard is a weekly series designed to elevate voices and bring greater awareness to underrepresented members of society, including people of various racial backgrounds, sexuality, gender identity/expression, age, and ability. Voices Unheard is produced by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc. and airs on  Unicorns.LIVE in partnership with Kelowna Pride Society.

Voices Unheard is a weekly livestream series produced by Unicorns.LIVE in partnership with Kelowna Pride Society. The intent of this series is to bring awareness to underrepresented members of society, which includes people of various racial backgrounds, sexuality, gender identity/expression, age, or ability. Host Jessica Samuels will engage a different guest each week in a candid conversation about the challenges they have faced or continue to struggle with, giving them a space to share their experiences and helping them to tell their stories. 

Voices Unheard will be available via live stream at Unicorns.LIVE. The Livestream is free to watch and after the live show ends the video on demand is available to Unicorns.LIVE subscribers only.



QUSIC with Patrick Masse

September 2 • 7:00pm

Patrick Masse (he/him/his) is a Canadian West Coast recording artist and songwriter who has been a constant in the Canadian country music scene since the release of his 1998 debut album “Get There From Here”, which garnered him a nomination for the prestigious BCCMA Ray MacAuley Horizon Award. Patrick’s second album "Mend The Man'' charted two singles in 2009. Extensive airplay of the two albums earned Patrick a loyal fan base and established him as an artist who consistently stands on the leading edge of inclusivity. His recent single "Little Bit of Saturday" (which Patrick co-wrote) was produced by Kuya Productions – best known for working with Alessia Cara, JRDN, Shawn Desmond and Kelly Clarkson. 

The in-person show is fully booked at Dorothy's so head to Unicorns.LIVE to watch! QUSIC episodes are generally only available to current Unicorns.LIVE subscribers; however, thanks to the support of the Kanata Kelowna Hotel and Conference Centrethis livestream will be available to everyone! NOTE: The episode will be available for viewing after September 2, 2020 to Unicorns.LIVE subscribers only. 

About the Artist
As a member of the BCCMA Board of Directors, Patrick is extremely involved in BC’s thriving country music industry – both as an artist and an entrepreneur – and commits his talent, energy and resources to the West Coast’s rich, ever-evolving arts scene. Plans are underway for the release of Patrick’s new single and video “Let’s Ride” in early 2020, with a self-titled EP to follow.