Rebellious Unicorns November!

Basically Ella - The Perfect Red Lip

Series Premiere - Today!

November 2 • 12:30pm

Basically Ella features basic makeup and beauty tips in a tidy 10-20 min package, as demonstrated by beloved drag queen and makeup artist, Ella Lamoureux. She’s not just a pretty face — Ella knows how to make everything fabulous with her talents and professional training. Through easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, Ella will show you how to raise your face game. Tune in on Mondays at 12:30 pm only on Unicorns.LIVE! 

On the first episode, Ella will guide you through how to accomplish the ‘perfect red lip’. This is a timeless classic that truly requires attention to detail in order to make those hearts flutter.


A Sip With Sparkle: Autumnal Apertifs

November 16 • 7:00pm

The days have become shorter and cooler, with nighttime perfect for snuggling up next to an adult beverage to keep you warm and, toasty! On this episode of A Sip With Sparkle, our cocktail queen Sparkle is joined by Ella Lamoreaux to guide you through crafting some fantastic liquid fall fare, the “Harvest Mule” and “Spiced Gin Sangria”. Both drinks are Sparkle’s spins on classics that will be sure to warm you from head to toe! Don’t miss November’s episode of A Sip With Sparkle on Monday, November 16, 2020 live at 7:00 pm PST only on Unicorns.LIVE! 

Want to see the tragedy unfold live?
There is room for a small, in-person audience to join us live! Tickets are $15 per person plus tax and fees and include a complimentary glass of wine as well as samples of the Sparkle cocktails! All provincial guidelines will be followed and guests attending are expected to follow guidelines laid out by the venue. Click for details. 


QUSIC: Leila Neverland

November 18 • 7:00pm

Raised by a Persian Zoroastrian villager, a family of Jewish immigrants, and a drag queen uncle, artist and mother Leila Neverland (she/her/hers) knows a few things about diversity, inclusivity, and unconditional love. She weaves an ambiance of true togetherness at every live performance and offers timely reflections of all that is life, death, and the decolonization of our collective consciousnesses. Neverland's emotive energetic authenticity inspires pure joy, empowered rage, and healthful tears as she leaves audiences breathless and full. Her exquisite voice joins the ranks of those who inspire her like Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Bjork, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse. She is currently working on a few singles, a couple music videos, and an album in beautiful BC, where she resides with her two children and her cat, Georgie. 

QueeReads: Christmas Blues

Nov 22 & 29, Dec 6 & 13 • 7:00pm


The holiday season is fast approaching and we're getting festive with QueeReads: Christmas Blues by Leigh Jarrett.

"After Ryan lost his wife to cancer, leaving him with three kids to raise on his own, he never thought he'd find any kind of companionship ever again. Especially not with someone like Michael. The last time Ryan saw his little brother's annoying childhood friend, Michael, he'd been a geeky, pimply-faced thirteen-year-old. That was just before Michael and his family moved to New York.

Getting the whole brood together for a Thanksgiving crafting extravaganza, and their mutual love of the blues cements Ryan and Michael's friendship into something neither one of them could have ever expected. Christmas is fast approaching. How far will their newfound friendship take them?"