Announcing: Live @ The KCT!

Announcing: Live @ The KCT

Live Concerts are Back!

For those who have been craving live performances since the start of the pandemic, the long drought is coming to an end later this month at the Kelowna Community Theatre. Rebellious Unicorns and the new streaming service Unicorns.LIVE are bringing live music back to the city in a safe and physically-distanced way with the launch of the new series Live @ The KCT. Performances in the concert series are set to begin November 25, 2020 and are scheduled through mid-December.

The Live @ The KCT series will comprise of two live performances, an early show at 7:00 pm and a later show at 9:15 pm, each with a maximum of 50 people per show in the 800+ seat theatre. Each performance will consist of one live 45 to 60-minute live set at the KCT; at least one of the performances will be live-streamed on Unicorns.LIVE for those who prefer to watch from a distance.
The live stream of the show is included in the UL subscription or varies per live stream. Pricing for in-person varies per show.

A strict COVID-19 precaution policy is in place for all performers, facility staff, Rebellious Unicorns and Unicorns.LIVE staff, and guests attending the live events, including:
We are actively looking to book more shows! Please contact Dustyn if you have a suggestion or introduction!


Nov 25 • 7:00pm & 9:15pm

Andrew Johns

Dec 3 • 7:00pm & 9:15pm

Post-Modern Connection

Dec 4 • 7:00pm & 9:15pm

Early Work

Dec 11 • 7:00pm & 9:15pm


Christmas Presence! 2020

Dec 23 • 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

The Anna Jacyszyn quartet consists of dynamic musicians at their professional peak who, under the Jazz Café banner, have been winning audiences over with their sophisticated musical choices and the element of fun they infuse into playing. Award winning international status with a flare that not only entertains you but will definitely put you in a mood of Christmas Cozy like cashmere and smooth sip of scotch.

A Sip With Sparkle: Autumnal Apertifs

Nov 16 • 7:00pm

Our Autumnal Episode of A Sip With Sparkle is just over a week away! The days have become shorter and cooler, with nighttime perfect for snuggling up next to an adult beverage to keep you warm and, toasty!

On this episode of A Sip With Sparkle, our cocktail queen Sparkle is joined by Ella Lamoreaux to guide you through crafting some fantastic liquid fall fare, the “Harvest Mule” and “Spiced Gin Sangria”. Both drinks are Sparkle’s spins on classics that will be sure to warm you from head to toe! 

Join us live & in-person! Tickets are $15 per person plus tax+fees and include a complimentary glass of wine as well as samples of the Sparkle cocktails! All provincial guidelines will be followed and guests attending are expected to follow guidelines laid out by the venue. Click for details.