Unicorns.LIVE Series Focuses on You Are Collective #1Million Mental Health Initiative

Kelowna, BC - Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc. (RUPC) and Unicorns.LIVE are launching a new series with the aim of creating awareness of and ending the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, while helping those in need to find support. #1Million Campaign: Breaking Down Barriers in Mental Health seeks to shed a candid light on what it's like to access services from a variety of perspectives, mainly mental health professionals. The series is a collaboration between Unicorns.LIVE and You Are Collective (YAC). #1Million Campaign: Breaking Down Barriers in Mental Health debuts on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm PST on the streaming service, Unicorns.LIVE, and will air bi-weekly (returning March 9, 2021) at 12:30 pm PST. 


You Are Collective has become a bridgeway between the mental health industry and the mental health community. This transparency allows people to feel safely encouraged to focus more on their mental health. When YAC started its #1MillionCampaign in 2020, they did it to create more affordable and accessible mental health services. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to fund 1,000,000 counselling sessions across Canada; the mental health sector and industry and the community at large have reached out to join the movement and support the campaign.

The series will be hosted by Rebecca Steinhubl, who is also one half of the creative team behind You Are Collective.  "When we began our #1MillionCampaign, we noticed a deep disconnect between the understanding of services and how to access them,” states Steinhubl. “We're excited to partner with Unicorns.LIVE and the local mental health community further in order to break down those barriers and stigmas so individuals can start getting the support they deserve."

“Every human being, no matter where they are from, deals with issues related to mental health on a daily basis,” says Rebellious Unicorns and Unicorns.LIVE Executive Producer, Dustyn Baulkham. “We are proud to be partnering with You Are Collective on this new series and truly hope the no-holds-barred approach this show takes will lead to significant change with access to mental health care for those in need.” 

#1Million Campaign: Breaking Down Barriers in Mental Health is the latest in a long slate of original series produced by the Kelowna-based streaming service, Unicorns.LIVE; viewers must be subscribers to watch. To register for a Unicorns.LIVE account, click here; those who subscribe by February 28, 2021 will receive introductory pricing, locked in for the duration of their subscription, for $8.99/mo + GST. Anyone who subscribes after February 28, 2021 will be subject to newly announced pricing packages, ranging from $6.99/mo + GST to $19.99/mo + GST. Like all content on Unicorns.LIVE, the series is 100% live and unedited. 


#1Million Campaign: Breaking Down Barriers in Mental Health is produced on the unceded, traditional territory of the syilx (Okanagan) people.


About You Are Collective

You Are Collective started as a way to create change and make a difference. Michael and Rebecca had been living through their own separate mental health journeys and noticed an immense lack of support and understanding. The stories of people waiting months for care sounded unimaginable, until they waited more than a month and a half to receive their first covered counseling appointment. The news that people, friends, and family were dying by suicide because they couldn’t get the help they needed, or didn’t know where to go for support, was incomprehensible. Ending up in the hospital or not caring if there would be a “tomorrow” to reach out heightened the concerns.  This passion project quickly demanded their full-time attention; they began brainstorming ways they could help, donate or support people to get the assistance they needed. You Are Collective encourages those who are suffering to talk about their mental health freely, no matter what issues people may be facing, along with pulling away the curtain of stigma that hides mental health issues. 

About Unicorns.LIVE
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