Coming Soon - Queer Chronicles with Wilbur Turner

Queer Chronicles with Wilbur Turner is a live stream video series guiding the audience through queer history. Stories will be revealed where LGBTQ communities fought and advocated for equal spaces in a cisgender and heteronormative world. For some, it will be a nostalgic look at relatable experiences from the past, and for others, it will be a journey of discovery.

This series will feature guests from across Canada who bring to life stories of struggle and triumph, The intention of the series is to link past victories to current challenges, creating optimism and hope for the future.

Share Your Story
If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your story of Queer History, please submit an expression of interest here.

About the Host
Wilbur Turner, who identifies as gay and queer, is a Kelowna-based writer and advocate who has contributed on many levels to LGBTQ rights, both locally and internationally.