We’re already friends, let's hook up!

Whether you’re looking for a one-time fling, something more serious, or a ring on your finger, - we’ve got a hookup for you! (real hook-ups not guaranteed).

What is the Unicorn Hook Up?
The Unicorn Hookup is our new loyalty program! We’re gonna reward you for purchases you make on our website. Perks include advance purchase windows with healthy discounts, extended refund policy on merchandise, and our favourite, Unicorn Booty.

WTF is Unicorn Booty?
Unicorn Booty is our virtual rewards currency. You can earn it on all online purchases through RebelliousUnicorns.com, which you can then redeem for merch, complimentary event tickets, and more! A list of all the perks, and more details about other ways to earn it are below!

There are three tiers to the program, each with their own special rewards.

Hookup Tiers

Casual Friends Good Friends Best Friends

Lifetime Spend




Booty Credit on Purchases




After purchase, your Booty is available in

45 days

30 days

15 days

Early Access to Tickets


Second Access

First Access

Unicorn Booty credit (refund) on Tickets*

30 Days

14 Days

48 hours

Bonus Booty for Reaching Tier




Booty Expiry (from purchase date)

9 months

18 months

24 months

Merch Refund Period**

30 days

45 days

60 days

Invite to Exclusive Events


* # of days is measured from event start time. No cash refunds. Refunds to store credit (Unicorn Booty) only. Some exclusions apply.
** Print on demand merch is only refundable in case of item defect.

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out


How do I join the Unicorn Hookup?

Make a purchase! Once you make a purchase on the website, you'll be able to create your Unicorn Hookup account and start collecting Booty.

How do I get Unicorn Booty?

There are several ways to get Booty:

  • Making purchases on our website*
  • Refer your friends. Anyone that creates an account with your link gets $5 of Unicorn Booty. We also thank you for the referral with $5 of Unicorn Booty.
  • Volunteer with our Friends With Benefits program
  • Watch for other special offers for bonus Booty

* Purchase of a gift card is not eligable for Booty - purchases paid for with a gift card are eligible.

Why do I have to wait for my Booty?

The wait gives us time to make sure everything has processed properly and allows time in case a refund is needed on merchandise.

Plus, Booty is worth the wait ;)

I can get event ticket refunds?

Not exactly. Our full refund policy states that event tickets are non-refundable. However we also know that life happens and for our loyal supporters we do have a policy that allows you to cancel a ticket for Unicorn Booty within a certain time frame before an event (noted above). Please contact us via the option to the lower right on this site to request a Booty credit for your ticket if you are not able to attend.

Does it work on site at events or only online?

Unicorn Booty can only be earned with purchases made online. During some of our own branded events you may be able to redeem Unicorn Booty.

What happens to my Booty if I return merchandise?

If you return your merch, the associated Booty will be deducted from your account.

How does the % works?

For every website purchase you make, you will get a % back in Unicorn Booty (store credit). As you continue to spend on RebelliousUnicorns.com you lifetime spend grows you can level up to the next level of the Unicorn Hookup. As you grow to the next level we reward you with a higher % of Unicorn Booty as a thank you for your loyalty.

For example, if you spend $100 (before taxes and shipping):

  • Casual Friends will get $2.50 in credit
  • Good Friends will get $5 in credit
  • Best Friends will get $10 in credit

What happens when Booty expires?

Use it or lose it, baby!

Once Booty expires, it's gone, so be sure to use it. We do have automated email reminders to let you know its going to expire.

Can I merge Hookup accounts?

Unfortunately we are unable to merge accounts and each account is unique to an email or phone number.