Dustyn Baulkham he/him
Head Unicorn
Founder and Executive Producer

Dustyn is passionate about creating more inclusive and welcoming communities. Part of one of the first waves of graduates from UBC Okanagan and the Bachelor of Management program, Dustyn spent 10 years in the finance industry, most notably in Vancouver and London, Ontario, before taking the plunge and launching his own consulting company. It was a smart move. In the past five years, having returned to beautiful Kelowna, Dustyn has served as the Workforce Development Officer with the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (2-year contract), served as the Executive Director of the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan (2 years), and is currently the General Manager with the Kelowna Pride Society (year 3). This led to him being selected as the Canadian LGBT Young Entrepreneur from the Canadian LGBT Chamber of Commerce in summer 2020.

Upon returning to the Okanagan, and with his desire to see a more equitable and inclusive society undiminished, Dustyn realized the growing need for events and experiences specifically for the LGBT2Q+ community and their allies. His newest entrepreneurial endeavour is Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc.

Contact: 250-826-7197

Cait Dixon she/her
Clutch Unicorn
Leadership, Marketing & Communications

With a degree in Environmental Studies and a background in Digital Marketing, Cait's job is many faceted at Rebellious Unicorns. The longest running full-time employee, Cait recently moved into a leadership role to help with the Unicorn world take-over! She loves a challenge and the excitement of working with Rebellious Unicorns definitely keeps things interesting. When she isn't at her computer, Cait loves travel, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Nebbi.
Contact: 250-826-7197 ext. 201

Christian Leader he/him
Whirlwind Unicorn
Advertising, Content, Marketing Specialist

Christian wears many hats with Rebellious Unicorns. His technical position is Advertising and Marketing Specialist, but his list of tasks often includes much more than that. From photo taking, to partnerships, to web design, to marketing strategy to even just bartending at events, his influence is a little bit everwhere. Boasting a degree in Marketing from the University of Alberta, and a background in content creation, you can often find him bouncing around wherever he's needed. When he isn't focused on work, he enjoys hiking, skiing, climbing and mountain biking and traveling all over.
Contact: 250-826-7197 ext. 202

Mel Sorokolit she/they
New Unicorn
Event Manager

Adrian Witt he/him
New Unicorn
Event Manager

Liam Moise he/him
Unicorn Whisperer

Liam Moise is an experienced events coordinator and takes pride in impressing himself by creating phenomenal experiences for others. As a Rebellious Unicorn team member, his goals include growing connections and collaborations with a wide range of entertainment and support networks. In addition to his primary job functions, Liam has been asked to speak on his unique understanding of mental health triumphs for a variety of venues. He is committed to taking his knowledge and skills in both events and mental health to the next level with Rebellious Unicorns.

Contact: 250-826-7197 ext. 205

Cuddly Unicorn
Chief Morale Officer & Campaign Model

Precious Chazz is the face of Unicorns.LIVE and the perfect Office Pup. He can often be found napping on his bed, supervising livestreams or sitting in Dustyn's lap during Zoom calls. His likes include snacks, hugs and attention. Dislikes include loud noises and being ignored.


Taysha Jarrett he/she/they
Unicorn Wrangler
Community Engagement Advisor and Managing Editor

Taysha's background is in writing and editing. They are an author of LGBTQ Romantic fiction under Leigh Jarrett, Gavin E. Black, and Sara J. Miller. Their fiction highlights the struggles of the LGBT2Q+ community, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights—to love and be loved. Taysha lives in Victoria, BC, where they can often be found hiking through the many trails Vancouver Island has to offer.


Noni Phillips she/they
Impulsive Unicorn
Event & Logistics Coordinator

Noni is a local who graded from the ‘old’ KSS and knows the valley well. They bring years of event coordination, marketing, and administrative experience to the RU team. Their ADHD brain is perfect for busy events with smiles and a high kicks along the way. Credentials? They have plenty. But who cares? No big deal….. okay, they possess a B.A. in Psych/Soci, an M.Ed. in curriculum and pedagogy…. but they want mooooore! Really. By the end of 2022 will have a B.Ed. as a cherry on top, so SMRT.

Contact: 250-826-7197 ext. 204