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Indigenous & Proud 2023

Indigenous & Proud 2023

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Location: Creekside Theatre, 10241 Bottom Wood Lake Rd, Lake Country
Date: Sept 30, 2023
Time: Show starts at 7:30PM
Performers: Little Peter, Belle Ini, Khlora Form, Morgan Alexis, Candice, Gem
All Ages Show

Join Ella Lamoureux for this powerful evening of Indigenous Pride in recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day and in support of the Indian Residential School Survivors Society and 2 Spirits in Motion Society.

Each year, September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

This event is produced by Rebellious Unicorns in partnership with Ella Lamoureux.

To watch the Livestream please visit Unicorns.LIVE.

Doors Open: 7:00PM 
Show Starts: 7:30PM

Ticketing Info
$39 - Rows A, B, (+ $1.95 per ticket fee)
$37 - Rows C, D (+ $1.85 per ticket fee)
$35 - Rows E, F, (+ $1.75 per ticket fee)
$33 - Rows G, H (+ $1.65 per ticket fee)
$31 - Rows I, J (+ $1.55 per ticket fee)
$29 - Rows K, L (+ $1.45 per ticket fee)

Livestream Info
Know someone who can't make it to the show in-person? They can still support and enjoy the performances by purchasing livestream access (Coming soon)

Health and Safety Protocols
We respect your decision to wear or not wear a mask at our events.


  • Bright or Strobe Lights will be used
  • Loud Music and/or Sounds will be played
  • If you would like to come to the show but cannot afford a ticket, please reach out at 

About the Performers

Ella Lamoureux
Ella Lamoureux is one of the founding performers of the Kelowna drag scene. From Kelowna’s Next Drag Superstar drag competition, Embodiment, #2muffs1collr, to recent star on Call Me Mother, Ella has carved out her place as one of the most influential and stunning drag performers in Kelowna. A makeup artist by trade, Ella will eternally tease you with her beauty. But, watch out if you displease her — that tongue is quick and sharper than you think! She’s generally “as sweet as cherry pie” and she brings so much love and joy to the community. A true charmer, Ella Lamoureux is Kelowna’s Sweetheart.

Little Peter from Big Eddy Cree Nation
Little Peter grew up with the polar bears in the bush of northern Manitoba and learned to play guitar and sing with mom in church. Church didn’t stick but singing and playing did. Little Peter’s been hard at it and consistently delivering the live Drag King goods for six years now throughout BC/Alberta!

Belle Ini

@Queenybellenin (swiftie/her)

Things To Know

  • 1 of many, many, many Covid births
  • 2006 the year she became a Swiftie
  • 3rd in Kelowna’s Next Drag Swiftie, Kelowna Now’s “Best Of” Drag Artist 2021 & 2022
  • 4 protecting trans children & adults
  • 5 fingers on each hand to use however you want
  • 6 years owning Mixologists Bartending

Khalora Form
Make way for Kelowna’s PREMIER autistic, epileptic, indigenous, transgender Crowned Clown, @khaloraform! After winning in 2020, Khalora has been the reigning queen of Kelowna for the past 3 years and in 2023 she won the Kelowna's Next Drag Superstar, All Stars Edition!
Since winning KNDS, Khalora became a full time drag artist, working at the Friends of Dorothy lounge multiple times a week. She’s super excited to return for another round of competition, and you can bet she's going to fight to keep the crown on her head

Gem is new to Kelowna drag scene but has been making a name for herself. She has glam! She has shine! She has sparkle. She’s a Gem!!

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