Be a Unicorn Friend with Benefits!

Volunteer at events - get Unicorn Booty - buy tickets and merch!

Wanna hook up? We’re offering a new way to get involved with Rebellious Unicorns and your favourite events that will give you some sweet rewards in return. We’re looking for volunteers for everything from postering to event clean-up to bartending, and for every hour you volunteer you’ll be earning Unicorn Booty - our rewards system for customers as well as volunteers. This booty can be spent on all our merch in the RU store, can be redeemed for event tickets, and will offer access to special events and a plethora of other rewards! Come join us and let’s be friends with benefits!

Friends with Benefits: Volunteer Positions

Messenger Unicorn
This role will canvas key areas of the city to put up posters for upcoming events. Includes picking up printed posters from our downtown office and distributing them onto local public bulletin boards and asking to put up inside of coffee shops/restaurants.

Chaperone Unicorn
This person will stand at the door of an event for the duration of their shift, scanning people’s tickets by QR code and working with security to ensure ticket holders are the appropriate age (if necessary).

Teller Unicorn
This person will control a point of sale (POS) for the event; this can involve selling additional tickets to an ongoing event, drink ticket sales, and merch stands. There will be some training on our specific POS and team members nearby but some level of comfort doing mental math and handling cash is an asset.  

Tidy Unicorn
This role involves the clean-up after an event. Keeping a good relationship with our venue partners is very important and one way to do that is to ensure a proper clean-up of the space. Involves picking up drinks, might involve wiping down surfaces with disinfectant, reorganizing chairs/tables. There will be shifts during the event but primarily we are needing assistance in the late hours (~1AM - 3AM). Late hour shifts will receive a higher amount of Unicorn Booty.

Showrunner Unicorn
This role involves being a helping hand to anything the stage management team may need for shows. Can involve running to get props/specific equipment, helping move backstage equipment, making sure all performers are accounted for, relaying messages out to front-of-house. Backstage experience is a plus but not required.

Barkeep Unicorn
This role will involve bartending for specific events; including FruitCake. Having your ‘Serving it Right’ or other provincial responsible serving designation is a requirement. This can be a fast-paced (but fun!) role and sobriety is required from bartenders throughout the night.

Facilitator Unicorn
This role involves assisting the RU team in setting up for events; can include organizing chairs/tables, setting up banners, helping to bring in supplies, etc. This role will typically be for a few hours before an event and is not required to stay for the duration of the event.

Bouncer Unicorn
This position involves being primary security for the event; includes checking IDs at the door to ensure 19+ if liquor is being served, escorting anyone out of the event in case of ruckus, and generally overseeing security needs at the event. Will be at least two staff/volunteers in this position at all times; one standing at the door, and one roaming the event to keep tabs on happenings.

Paparazzi Unicorn
This person will be responsible for ensuring our commitment to our sponsor of an event (typically a brewery or liquor distributor) is being enacted. May involve promotion of alcohol during the event, helping sponsor set-up/tear-down tables, possible runner for bartender(s).

Shutterbug Unicorn
This volunteer will ideally bring their own DSLR (Minimum 24 megapixels) and take photos/videos at the event for use in our promotional materials. Photos of performers, short video clips, general event photos and more will all be appreciated. Prior experience shooting with DSLRs and photography required.

Influencer Unicorn
This person will support doing posts and stories on our social media accounts during events. They will receive complimentary access to the event and expected to capture the story of the event and post it to our social media accounts. A strong understanding of social media and how it works is key for this role.