Pronouns Are Important

Pronouns Are Important - Rebellious Unicorns

We are so excited to launch our Pronouns Line of Merch! Just in time for Pride Month, we created this line as a way for you to share your pronouns, while also looking stylish AF. 

Not sure why this is such a big deal? Read on to find out more about the importance of pronouns. 

We all do a million things to show each other respect every day; often they’re simple like offering to hold the door, making sure the people in the back can hear, or not speaking over each other. Respecting someone’s pronouns is an extension of this same basic respect and a way to signal to someone that you care about their humanity and are willing to do the work to validate it.

Although it may not seem significant to you, when someone gets pronouns wrong, for trans and non-binary folx it can be invalidating to their personhood and be a reminder that this person doesn’t see you for your true self, especially when it’s repeated again and again. Add in constant reminders from the people around on top of the dozens of power structures in place designed to invalidate and disappear trans people, and it starts to feel pretty heavy pretty fast.

Making the effort to change someone’s pronouns in your mind and speech when they share a change can feel monumental. You’re doing the work to accept someone as everything they are and that they are becoming. This is so intrinsically human and one way we can make the world more expansive and welcoming - and all it takes is a few small words! I can promise you that the trans people around you are listening and as much as mistakes are heard, we all also take notice when you’re getting it right and even when you correct others when they get it wrong.

Using correct pronouns are a way for you to simultaneously respect the folks you’re around, signal you’re paying attention, and demonstrate you are open and willing to learn. Being attentive to any pronoun displays someone might be offering (pins, hats, shirts, email signatures) and internalizing and practicing those are one small way to show up for the trans people around you.

In addition to looking great, your purchases from the Pronoun Line will do some good! We are super excited to be donating 10% of sales of the pronoun line directly back into the community through the trans-led organization; Trans Lifeline. They provide trans peer support through their hotlines (that are entirely divested from police) and offer community support and resources to help trans folks thrive. “For the trans community, by the trans community”. Find out more about their great organization and how you can get involved here.