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Rebellious Unicorns

"Hello I'm..." Themed Pins

"Hello I'm..." Themed Pins

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Introducing our vibrant and expressive "Hello I'm..." pin collection, crafted from high-quality Zinc Alloy. Each pin in this series is designed to make a statement and celebrate identity, humor, and personality. Whether you're looking to affirm your pride, express your unique self, or simply bring a smile to those around you, these pins are the perfect accessory.

Available Designs:

  • Unapologetically Myself - Adorned with a brilliant rainbow, this pin declares your authenticity.
  • Super Gay - Bold and bright, featuring a striking rainbow to celebrate gay pride.
  • Pansexual - A colorful tribute to pansexual pride.
  • Bisexual - Show off your bisexual pride with this vividly designed pin.
  • Gay - A simple yet powerful declaration of gay pride.
  • Trans - Celebrate transgender pride with this beautifully designed pin.
  • Asexual - Subtly stylish, representing asexual pride.
  • Lesbian - A proud and vibrant display of lesbian pride.
  • Here to Pet All the Dogs - For the animal lovers, a fun and adorable declaration.
  • Kind of Dramatic - Perfect for those who own their flair for the dramatic.
  • Some Kind of Disaster - A humorous nod to those chaotic days.
  • Dead Inside - For those who embrace a darker sense of humor.
  • Probably High - Casually cheeky and amusing.
  • Anxious AF - A relatable expression for the perpetually anxious.


  • Single Pin: $7.99 
  • Bundle Offers:
    • 2 Pins for $12.99
    • 3 Pins for $15.99
    • 4 Pins for $19.99
    • 5 Pins for $23.99

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These pins are not just accessories but are a means of expression and connection. Wear them on your jacket, backpack, or hat to show off your identity, mood, or simply to add a playful touch to your outfit. They make great gifts and conversation starters, too! Get yours today and start expressing your true self, one pin at a time.

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