Dive into "Dénht’ā" with Ella Lamoureux: A Podcast of Heartfelt Stories and Indigenous Voices

Dive into "Dénht’ā" with Ella Lamoureux: A Podcast of Heartfelt Stories and Indigenous Voices - Rebellious Unicorns

Hello, lovely souls!

It's me, Ella Lamoureux, and I'm super excited to bring you into a world filled with rich stories and heartfelt connections. You might know me from the vibrant Kelowna drag scene or from my dynamic appearances on shows like Call Me Mother. But today, I'm wearing a different hat (or should I say, wig?) as the host of the "Dénht’ā" podcast.

"Dénht’ā," which means "Hi. How are you?" in the Kaska Dene language, is more than just a greeting. It's an invitation to engage, to understand, and to connect. In each episode of this podcast, we'll be diving into the lives of Indigenous folks from a variety of First Nations. We're exploring everything from the complexities of living in a colonial world to the rich tapestry of our cultural identities and how these are woven into our daily lives.

But guess what? This journey needs your voice too! Are you an Indigenous person with a tale to tell, experiences to share, or wisdom to impart? Then we're looking for you! We want to hear your story and share it with the world. Please share your info here.

Don't worry, we're going to keep things light and enjoyable, too. As someone who knows how to keep an audience captivated (whether on stage or off), I promise our conversations will be engaging, enlightening, and filled with warmth and laughter.

"Dénht’ā" is more than a podcast; it's a platform for voices that need to be heard, for stories that need to be told, and for a community that continues to thrive and inspire. It's a place where we celebrate who we are, where we come from, and the paths we're forging into the future.

So, are you ready to be part of this incredible experience? If you're interested in joining me on "Dénht’ā," or know someone with a story that just has to be shared, please get in touch! Let's make this a beautiful, powerful conversation that uplifts and enlightens.

And of course, don't forget to follow the podcast, it will be on Unicorns.LIVE and all major podcast platforms, and yours truly, @kaskakween, for all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes fun. "Dénht’ā" is here to bring us together, to share, to laugh, and to learn. 

With all my love and a sprinkle of glitter,

Ella Lamoureux 💖🌟


PS - Don't forget to submit your info via our online form here.