A Magical Letter to Our Fabulous Friends 🦄✨

A Magical Letter to Our Fabulous Friends 🦄✨ - Rebellious Unicorns
Hello to our Rebellious Unicorns,

As the golden leaves of autumn swirl around us and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, it's a time of reflection and gratitude. Over the years, with a sprinkle of unicorn magic and a whole lot of love, we've embarked on incredible journeys together. Today, I wish to share some heartfelt revelations and exciting changes on the horizon for Rebellious Unicorns.

Having embraced sobriety for the past 8 months, a clearer and more vibrant world has unfolded before me. This newfound clarity has granted me the mental space to truly appreciate the tapestry of memories we've woven together and to envision the path ahead.

Firstly, let me assure you, Rebellious Unicorns isn't galloping into the sunset. Rather, we're evolving, shimmering brighter, and getting ready to leap into our next magical chapter. While the familiar notes of "The MX" fade away, the thrilling symphony of "The Agenda" rises, promising a captivating narrative for 2024. Discover more about it here.

However, with every new beginning comes a bittersweet farewell. This Halloween will mark our final curtain call for our bewitchingly fabulous events "Barbies WhoreR House" in both Kelowna and Kamloops. But fear not, for the Queer spirit thrives! Numerous incredible Queer-focused events continue to light up the interior of BC. We wholeheartedly cheer on and support these trailblazers.

Our rainbow flag still flies high as we passionately continue our work with the Kelowna Pride Festival. The future beams with potential as we look forward to collaborating with more Pride Festivals across BC and Western Canada.

In the vast, ever-expanding digital universe, we recognize the need for sanctuary. Unicorns.LIVE stands as our beacon, offering a haven for our 2SLGBTQ+ community. In a world where social media can sometimes cast shadows, our platform strives to be a luminous, safe space where we can connect, chat, and celebrate.

Regarding Peak Pride, the path ahead is still cloaked in a bit of mist. While we've been in deep conversations with several of our mountain allies, certain details like dates and funding are still being carved out. But fret not, as soon as the path clears, you'll be the first to know!

In the heart of 2024, our compass points ardently towards two shimmering stars: The Agenda and Unicorns.LIVE. With The Agenda, get ready to dive into a whirlpool of innovative events, both physical and virtual. Meanwhile, Unicorns.LIVE gallops ahead with exhilarating new content and our recently launched community feature.

As the moonlight casts its silver glow this Halloween, we extend a sparkling invitation to join us one last time. Let's make memories that will last an eternity!

With all the magic and gratitude in the universe,

Founder, Rebellious Unicorns