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The Unicorn Hookup & Friends with Benefits

Do you like hook-ups? Because we sure do. What if we told you we’ve been hard at work creating the perfect hook-up, just for you. We promise this one doesn’t come with a walk of shame.

Here’s the deal. We love that you love us, and we’re tired of this relationship being all take-take-take on our end. That’s why we’re proud to name drop our upcoming Unicorn Hookup Rewards Program. See what we did there? Starting soon, rewards are going to be coming your way. Think along the lines of priority event tickets, discounts, extended refund policies, and the opportunity to earn some Unicorn Booty.

Unicorn Booty? You bet your a**. For now, all you need to know is that you’re gonna want some booty. Stay tuned for a full formal announcement of the program, complete with all the rules, regulations and rewards.

Finally, we have a bit of a call to action for you. This summer is going to be incredibly busy for us (we can’t wait!) and we’re going to need some help to make everything perfect. We want to offer you a chance to be our Friend With Benefits. Volunteer your time, and get a chance to hang out with us all summer. You’ll earn some awesome rewards in the process, including some of that aforementioned Unicorn Booty. We have a whole host of skills required, so everyone is welcome to sign up.

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