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Ella's Denhta Clack Fan

Ella's Denhta Clack Fan

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Introducing Ella's Dénht’ā Clack Fan, the latest addition to your collection of stylish must-haves! This vibrant orange fan with striking black ribs features Ella Lamoureux’s portrait, capturing the essence of her powerful and insightful podcast, "Dénht’ā."

Measuring 33cm long when closed, this fan is perfectly portable, fitting seamlessly into your purse, backpack, or beach bag, ready to bring a splash of color and a burst of culture wherever you go.

Crafted with eco-friendly black bamboo ribs and durable polyester fabric, this fan is designed for both style and sustainability. The bold orange design, paired with Ella's portrait, makes it a standout accessory that celebrates Indigenous voices and stories.

The real magic? That iconic *CLACK* sound. Every snap open and shut announces your presence with authority, echoing the impactful conversations of "Dénht’ā."

Whether you're attending a cultural event, enjoying a day out, or simply relaxing at home, the Dénht’ā Clack Fan keeps you cool and connected to the rich cultural heritage and inspiring stories shared on Ella's podcast. Don't miss out on this unique blend of fashion and meaning—add the Dénht’ā Clack Fan to your essentials today!

Fan Details:

  • Full direct to fabric print
  • 33cm (13”) long or 66cm (26”) when fully open
  • Makes that loud clack or thworp sound you’re looking for
  • Save with buy purchasing more (mix and max)
    • $24.99 each
    • Buy 3 save $6 per fan
    • Buy 5 save $8 per fan
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