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You Are Welcome Stickers

You Are Welcome Stickers

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Introducing our YOU ARE WELCOME Inclusive pride flag stickers. Created with the intention of fostering a safe and welcoming environment for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, these stickers serve as a visible symbol of acceptance and inclusivity.

Produced in Enderby, BC, by Transition Marketing Services, a 100% 2SLGBTQ+ locally owned business, these stickers not only promote inclusivity but also support the community they represent.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these stickers are printed on 3M IJ35 standard permanent gloss vinyl. This material ensures both reposition-ability during application and long-lasting durability once affixed. For detailed information on the vinyl material used, please refer to the article provided here: [link to the product bulletin].

Available in two sizes, 3" by 5" and 6" by 10", these single-sided stickers can be displayed in various locations, such as windows, laptops, water bottles, or any other suitable surface. Showcasing the inclusive pride flag and the empowering message "you are welcome," these stickers encourage a sense of belonging and openness wherever they are placed.


Introducing our remarkable 3" by 5" Pride Flag Stickers, featuring an assortment of 10 captivating designs. Each sticker is meticulously printed on premium 3M IJ35 standard permanent gloss vinyl, ensuring both outstanding quality and durability.

What sets these stickers apart is their unique combination of repositionability and permanence. Thanks to the exceptional properties of the 3M IJ35 vinyl, you can easily reposition the stickers until they are perfectly aligned. Once applied, they firmly adhere to the surface, creating a long-lasting display of your pride and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, let's talk about the incredible value you can enjoy. Each 3" by 5" sticker is available for just $6.99, allowing you to proudly display your support without breaking the bank. However, we have an even better offer for you. When you purchase five stickers, you will receive two additional stickers completely free, all for the fantastic price of $20.97 (You can combine this offer with our Flag Stickers). This generous deal allows you to expand your collection and spread the message of inclusivity even further. Get double the sticker size at 6" by 10" for only $9.99

Whether you're an individual passionate about promoting inclusivity or a business striving to create a safe space for everyone, these stickers are the perfect addition to your collection. By proudly displaying these symbols of acceptance, you can communicate your commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Join us in spreading love, acceptance, and the message that "you are welcome" with these high-quality, locally produced stickers.

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