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Can you solve the Peak Pride Caper?

With Peak Pride less than a month away, what better way to get in the winter mood than by reading about some of your favourite Peak Pride people! 

Author Leigh Jarrett has written a fun mystery short story for us featuring some of our Peak Pride talent and Head Unicorn, Dustyn! Can you solve the mystery before the culprit is revealed?

"The drag caper of the century unfolds during Peak Pride. Ella Lamoureux has an important item of her drag paraphernalia stolen before the very first show of the Peak Pride season. Clues are left behind in her room. But what do they mean?

Spotting the culprit, Lethal Leesa takes off after them, but to no avail. The thief escapes by way of a ski lift. Will they ever be able to track them down?

Join Ella Lamoureux, Lethal Leesa, Toddy, Matthew Presidente, Sparkle, and Dustyn Baulkham as they try to uncover the truth of Ella's stolen property."

You can purchase Peak Pride Caper online at:

About Leigh Jarrett
Leigh Jarrett is an unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate author of LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction, her books embracing the full spectrum of the rainbow. Her published contemporary works include gritty and angst-filled romances featuring Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer characters, with plans for a Lesbian Romance in the future. And her fantasy series, "Drakkar Coven", which is brimming with lust driven vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters.

Having been bullied as a child for being "different," writing, and publishing LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction has given Leigh an opportunity to express her uniqueness, inspired by the LGBTQ+ community she calls home, her books highlighting their struggles, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights … to love and be loved.

In her hometown of Victoria, BC, in Canada, Leigh can be found nestled up with her fabulously supportive wife and her trusty laptop.

To connect with Leigh Jarrett:
You can also find Leigh on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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